The show function is available in the axle._ package. It can be applied to several types of Axle objects.

The package axle.awt._ contains functions for creating files from the images: png, jpeg, gif, bmp.

The package axle.web._ contains a svg function for creating svg files.

For example:


png(plot, "plot.png")

svg(plot, "plot.svg")



Plot, BarChart, BarChartGrouped, and ScatterPlot support animation. The visualizing frame polls for updates at a rate of approximately 24 Hz (every 42 ms).

The play command requires the same first argument as show does. Additionally, play requires a Observable[D] function that represents the stream of data updates. The implicit argument is a monix.execution.Scheduler.

An axle.reactive.CurrentValueSubscriber based on the Observable[D] can be used to create the dataFn read by the visualization.

See Grouped Bar Charts for a full example of animation.